Teletherapy allows for effective, safe and convenient access to our services.

Busy schedule and more convenient to talk from home? Reside in a rural location without many local therapists? Weather not amenable to driving? Whatever the case, let us save you time and hassle by coming to you. We are proud to offer teletherapy to our clients who reside in the following states: Colorado, Arizona, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

What is Teletherapy

Teletherapy is just like regular talk therapy except instead of meeting in-person in an office, you meet with your therapist over the internet via video conferencing or over the phone. It is a type of Telehealth. While physicians use telehealth to provide medical health services to patients, psychotherapists use teletherapy to provide individual and couples therapy via video conferencing platforms and via telephone.

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How Does Teletherapy Work?

We uses a secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant video platform offered through our electronic health record system. Our system allows you the ability to attend your sessions remotely from anywhere and on any device (e.g. smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet). If you are a person who shy’s away from technology, don’t worry! We have made it easy for you. You will receive an email or text reminder of your appointment that contains the link for the video session. A good internet connection, a device with a webcam and a click on the link and…. Voila, you’re all set! And, if video is not your thing or you have screen fatigue from too many work meetings or school classes, then phone sessions are a great alternative.

How Can Online Therapy Help Me?

Just like in-person therapy, teletherapy can help with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Feeling depressed, hopeless or down
  • Feeling worried, overwhelmed or anxious
  • Stress Management
  • Life Transitions
  • Self-Exploration and personal growth
  • Relationship problems, including disconnectedness and loneliness
  • Mood swings and emotional dysregulation

Some clients anticipate feeling a bit awkward on video, but most are surprised by how comfortable they quickly feel. Give it a try!

Here Are Some Pointers To Help You Maximize Your Teletherapy:

Give yourself and the session the same importance and priority you would in an in-person session by pro-actively limiting distractions and refraining from multitasking. Your emotional well-being is important and you deserve this time to focus on yourself during the session.

  • Set your computer, tablet, or phone on a hard surface rather than your lap so that your therapist can focus on you rather that the movement of your device.
  • Please refrain from video or phone sessions while operating a motor vehicle. We care about your safety.
  • Please conduct yourself as you would in our office, such as refraining from eating or smoking or anything else that you wouldn’t normally do in a professional environment. It’s easy, convenient and (uh hmm…) it’s still a professional appointment!
  • We will ask you your location at the start of the session so that if you are in crisis and need help, we know where to locate you.

The duration of your teletherapy sessions is the same amount of time as a regular individual or couples therapy session. Our teletherapy appointment times are offered during our usual business hours and the rates for teletherapy are the same as our in-person sessions.

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