Feel more empowered, less alone
and closer to your authentic self

My inspiration in doing this work comes from my desire to help you make meaningful sense out of your experience so that you can feel more empowered, less alone and closer to your authentic self.

I believe that everyone has times in their lives when they need help navigating the transitions and challenges of life. I use an integrative and individualized approach to psychotherapy to help adults work through unresolved problems and emotional pain.

I also think it is important to gain insight into how past experiences continue to influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present. While you cannot change your past, you can come to live with it differently. My belief is that good therapy offers a space to reflect, gather insight, learn skills to cope with strong emotions, and feel inspired, valued, and heard.

Throughout the past 11 years, I have helped adults with a wide range of problems and issues, including:

• Difficult relationships
• Depression
• Generalized anxiety
• Eating disorders, negative body image and/or emotional eating
• Stress management
• Life transitions
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Bipolar disorder
• Social discomfort or social phobia
• Personal growth
• Panic attacks